Reiki Energy Balancing

Modern Reiki practice began in 1930s Japan with Mikao Usui, who first taught Reiki in its current form. The system allows the practitioner to be a vehicle for healing energy, similar to prana or chi, that supports the human body’s subtle energy field. Reiki Energy Balancing address issues of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. Reiki can be transmitted in person or from a distance.

Reiki Energy Balancing strengthens and repairs the structural integration of our subtle human energy field with our physical body, improving our healing from illness and physical pain. The results range from improved physical and mental health to deeper emotional and spiritual well-being. During a Reiki session, the receiver lies on a massage table and falls into deep relaxation. Often crystals, essential oils and gentle sound as a natural complement to Reiki energy.

Distance Reiki is a channel to Energy Balancing that allows practitioners to send energy outside the  restrictions of time and place. It is done in meditation, and the receiver chooses the appropriate timing to draw in Reiki, when it is most beneficial to them. For many people, the experience of Distance Reiki is more noticeable than hands-on Reiki sessions. For more information on Reiki, how it works, and how we practice please inquire below.

Reiki Fees:

$150/one-hour session

$375/3 one-hour sessions; valid for one month

$500/5 one-hour sessions; valid for six weeks

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